Glasgow 2014 – Taper and Post Race Week

Mon – REST
Tue – 6 miles (5:53m/m)
Wed – 8.1 miles (5:51m/m) including 2 x 1mile
Thu – 6 miles (5:43m/m)
Fri – 5.05 miles (5:16m/m)
Sat – 3 miles (5:16m/m)
Sun – VERY AM  1.74 miles (6:54m/m)  AM CWG 2014 Marathon (10th – 2:15:16)

Total Mileage – 56.29 miles (5:27m/m)

Mon – REST
Tue – REST
Wed – 6 miles (6:49m/m)
Thu – 8 miles (6:37m/m)
Fri – 10 miles (6:19m/m)
Sat – Tollcross parkrun (2nd – 16:45)
Sun – REST ( Stomach Bug)

Total Mileage – 27.12 (6:25m/m)

My confidence levels in my “new” one week/fast taper process are now very high with a 100% record in the 3 races I have used it. (VLM2014, National 100km and CWG2014)
They have to be pretty high as right up to 3 days before the race I still didn’t have my race legs under me….. in fact I hadn’t seen them since May 3rd when they got me through 100km! I had basically spent the whole of the 10 week training build up in a state of fatigue with 5:05-5:10m/m never feeling particularly comfortable even in the two half marathon races I did.

As per usual the Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday runs were a real effort in a carb depleted state and so even though I got dropped by Ben and Nick in the 2 x 1mile session (They actually went on to do 7min efforts) I was really pleased to manage 4:50 and 4:42 with no carbs in me…. I was in pieces at the end of the 2nd mile effort though!

Fuelled up with bagels, malt-loaf and chia charge flapjacks I had much more fun with Friday and Saturdays runs with sub 5 miles for the final mile in both. They both averaged out close to marathon pace and I really feel these fast last couple of runs keep my legs “up for it” for the big day.
I also stuck to my standard pre race routine with a 12min jog 4hrs before the big race (5am) which I also feel puts my legs in a good place on the start line…… the rest as they say is history!

My post race recovery week went well up until Sunday. I had a couple of complete rest days and then started to build the miles back up including some slightly faster miles at the Tollcross parkrun where I tested the legs by gradually building the pace up for each of the 3 miles.

I had a great time meeting the Tollcross parkrun community and many photos were taken!

So all was going well with the recovery until Saturday night when I came down with a stomach bug which hit me for six and kept me in bed for the next 24hrs. It went almost as quickly as it came though and I managed to join the rest of Team England for part of the closing ceremony. I felt much better yesterday but took another rest day and have returned to running this morning feeling considerably more “with it”.

So on to the next challenge then which as some of you may be aware is a 90km trail race in Sweden in just under 3 weeks time!
Ultravasan 90km 2014 is the inaugural running of the race but it still has a very long and prestigious history in Sweden being held as a winter cross-country skiing event for around 90 years!

As you can see…… its quite a big thing!


There are some quality Ultra runners in this first running of the summer race including the home favourite Jonas Buud who is not only an awesome trail racer winning the Swiss Alpine Marathon eight times in a row but he is also handy on the roads with a 2nd place at Comrades!
This will be my first serious trail Ultra race so will be interesting not only from a perspective of how I handle the trail but also whether I can run a 90km race off marathon specific training and only 3 weeks recovery from a 2:15:16 PB….. worth a go!!

More details on the race can be found HERE


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8 Responses to Glasgow 2014 – Taper and Post Race Week

  1. Mike Rawlings says:

    I really like these blogs. Gives a good insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. Thanks for posting and good luck in Sweden!

  2. Patrick Joyce says:

    We look forward to seeing you in Sweden again. You did very well last year in Stockholm.

  3. Dave says:

    Congrats on your outstanding run in Glasgow.

    Regarding your 1-week taper. What kind of warm up/cool-down (if any) did you do in your taper week before the runs listed?

  4. Greg says:

    Hi Steve, I’ve been running a year after smoking and drinking for 15 and I’ve been very interested to follow your story since your big moment in my home town. I’m not sure I have the genes (or the legs frankly) to reach your level but it’s a lot of fun trying! Good luck in the Ultravasan. My current goal is a 1:30:00 in the Glasgow half in October.

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