Ultravasan 90km Preview

Could I be any more excited?! ……probably not and that’s saying something for me :-)

This is my first experience of being involved in a big Ultra race where I’m one of the favourites and I have to say I’m enjoying the experience. Even though this is the 1st edition of the Ultravasan 90km, you can tell that the organisation behind the race have also looked after 90 years of the winter skiing version of the race as it is all very slick and professional.
This morning consisted of a pleasant organised run through the last 7km of the race with all the other elites and some of the coaches/media guys.

and then this afternoon we had the Elite press-conference


Some good friendly banter between myself, Jonas Buud and Thomas Lorblanchet. Can’t wait to mix it up with these boys tomorrow and see for the first time where I stand against some world class ultra runners on the “trails”. There is also some good depth in the field with a number of quality runners from Norway in the elite field.

All the details of how to track the race can be found HERE

Race starts at 4am UK time and we will have real time GPS tracking on us which should make it easy to follow the race. From about 30km to go (8:30ish UK time) there should be some actual live “GoPro” video from the lead cyclist on the streaming feed so if I’m lucky enough to be near the front still at that point then you may see me. Also keep a close eye out for my english counterpart Holly Rush who should be smashing it in the ladies race if all goes to plan!

It’s been a great season so far with 3 target races which couldn’t have gone better…. is this a race too far before a much needed break?….. we shall see by lunchtime tomorrow but I’m going to give it a damn good go. Successful or not I know I’m going to enjoy the battle with the likes of Jonas and I’m certainly going to enjoy the post race recovery “nutrition” and rest!

By the way – I’m not contactable by phone at the moment as there was an incident with a bottle of water and my Samsung S4…. the water bottle won.

Not being shit four times in a row??….get those lucky t-shirts on guys!!

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7 Responses to Ultravasan 90km Preview

  1. Colin Simpson says:

    Have a great race Steve. Hope it all goes to plan.
    Enjoy the rest, beer and cigar afterwards! :)

  2. Kevin Dwyer says:

    Bears shit in the woods Steve, but you won’t be. Have a great run

  3. John says:

    Have a great run Steve, enjoy it, and watch out for the bears!

  4. Stuart Ogden says:

    Good luck Steve from all your pals at Tollcross parkrun. It’s only 18 x parkrun!

  5. Jayne Ackroyd says:

    No shit! You’ll be great, Steve. Been following your blog since the Marathon Talk interview. Good luck and enjoy (if that’s possible over 90k!) :-)

  6. Phil Whitehurst says:

    Good luck Steve that into video looks amazing. Should be an amazing experience, hope you win it to make it an unbelievable day. Bring it home to Dorset!

  7. Anttu says:

    Congratulations for the silver medal! Looking forward to reading your report.

    I am preparing a “study” in my blog about the diet of top/exceptional marathoners of the world.

    I include you Steve in that group, so would you be so kind and share information about your nutrition during your standard training day. Of course pre- and post race food would be a point of interest too, but even more we would be interested in your ideas about optimun daily nutrition of a marathon or ultra runner.


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