“Don’t Call it a Comeback”

……i’ve been here for years.

Anyone miss me 😉 After a couple of attempts to revive my blog in 2015 it performed about as well as I did…..so moving swiftly on!
With just 12 weeks until the London Marathon and the official Bournemouth AC marathon sessions starting this week I thought it was as good a time as any to get things rolling again with the blog, hopefully both my training and the blog will last the distance this time!
After backing right off with my training in October and November to try and give my body some downtime I’ve gradually built things back up with a decent months training in January with mostly base training work. (long runs, hills and some long tempo work)

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 13.14.29

I celebrated the end of my base training today with a nice hilly 30 miler around the country roads of Lytchett. Had some company from BAC boys Thommo,Dave and Tag for parts of the run which helped and was quite pleased with how I felt even though it wasn’t that fast. Garmin link below for full details.

The observant among you will notice I’m using the new Forerunner 630. Garmin UK are very kindly supporting me again in 2016 for which I’m really grateful and to be honest I have no issue promoting their latest product range as it’s the dogs 😉 The watch is the size of the 620 but they have managed to fit a screen on it which is as big as the 920XT, whats not to like. Only trouble is that it’s currently informing me that my VO2 Max is 69 which is 7 short of my prime fitness levels before the Commonwealth Games. It’s probably a good reflection of where my fitness is at the moment and even though I’ve got a lot of improvements to make if I’m going to be in PB shape in 12 weeks time I’m happy with the way my training is going at the moment as I’m niggle and stress free.
On the subject of stress free, I’ve also not bothered asking for an elite place for London this year as I didn’t want to put the added pressure on myself when I wasn’t sure how my training was going to go. The campervan/champ start combo worked well in 2014 so I’m going to stick with that I think.

As usual I’ve put together the BAC club training schedule for the build up to London so if anyone local is up for joining us then its a 18:15 start on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at the Kings Park track carpark. I’ll be running the Wednesday night sessions like previous years. See below for the session details and see you next week for my first week summary…… I’m having a cutback week so no hero mileage I”m afraid!

(Click on me to make me bigger)

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 13.34.55

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9 Responses to “Don’t Call it a Comeback”

  1. Matt Rees says:

    The blog is back. Good news. Always really great training advice. Are you going to post a skeleton plan of the build up to London this year?

  2. Jamie Lamb says:

    Great to have you back Steve. I have missed you.

    Jamie x

  3. Paul Mackenzie says:

    I find the 630’s VO2Max figure is a bit more conservative than the 620 (not 7 points mind), so hopefully you only got a few points to claw back!


  4. Morten Mortensen says:

    Hi Steve,

    Great to have you blogging again! I’ll very much be looking forward to following your progress towards London.


  5. Dominic Blake says:

    Great to have you back Steve! I’ve had a few setbacks recently, including some self inflicted ones (ran into a lamppost on a long tempo session, bruised ribs!) – good luck with 2016 and keep inspiring people 😉

  6. David Bell says:

    Great blog – good to have it back. I hope the training goes well!

  7. JPN says:

    Great to have the blog back Steve! Good luck this spring…stay healthy! I’ve always found these marathon sessions intriguing during your past buildups, and I’m now tempted to adopt them for myself as I target my first sub-3 hour marathon this spring. Obviously distance will calibrate off the pace of the runner, so my distances would naturally come up short of an elite athelete’s, but I’ll need to fiddle with something else as they still seem on the long side for a mid-week workout when slotting into 65-85 mile weeks for me vs. (I suppose) 100-130 mile weeks for you.

  8. Mark Walker says:

    It’s great to see my favourite running blog back! Keep er lit!

  9. Steve Mac says:

    Both Steve Way AND Slim Shady back in the one life time! Great news.

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