VLM2016 – Training Summary Week 2 (including XC and Lytchett 10)

Mon – REST (ill)
Tue – AM 12 miles (6:14m/m) PM 6.21 miles (7:01m/m)
Wed – AM 6 miles (6:50m/m) PM 11.47 miles (incl session 12min/5x2min/12min)
Thu – AM 12 miles (6:26m/m) PM 6.21 miles (6:21m/m)
Fri – 6 miles (6:50m/m)
Sat – 10.37 miles including Hampshire XC (Dibden – 11th)
Sun – AM 22.22 miles (6:19m/m) incl Lytchett 10 (2nd 57:29) PM 7.45 miles (6:53m/m)

Total Mileage – 100 miles (6:32m/m)

Better than last week but not without its problems would be a good summary of this week.
I had no option but to have an unscheduled rest day on Monday as I recovered from the previous weekends stomach bug but by Tuesday I was feeling good enough to get back running again so returned to my plan.

I wasn’t quite sure how the 2nd BAC marathon session was going to go on Wednesday night after my illness so the fact that I managed to do all the intervals without any pitstops I guess should classify the session as a success! Unfortunately though the pace wasn’t that great and although I started off with what I thought was a conservative 5:21m/m , by the time we got to the last 12min effort I was hanging on and only just managed to get under 5:30m/m ! I’m hoping part of this lack of speed was caused by still getting over the bug and not just a lack of fitness 😉

Although I thought I was pretty much over the bug by the end of the week I was rather disappointed to need to jump into the bushes during my easy Friday morning run. This led me to cut the run short and also not do an afternoon run in order to try and help settle my stomach down again. I had planned to do the Hampshire XC on Saturday and the local Lytchett 10 race as part of my long run on Sunday so could do without any more issues!
In light of Fridays run I set off reasonably conservatively at the final XC league race on Saturday with a plan of just ensuring I got round with a steady effort. Everything went quite well as I gradually made my way through the field going from about 25th after the first mile to 12th with a mile to go.

There was a young chap from Eastleigh just in front of me who was still going at a good pace and my initial thoughts knowing I had to do my long run with effort on Sunday was to just follow him in as it would have taken an all out effort to try and catch him in time. The plan all changed though with about 800m to go when I inadvertently got warned that my good friend Jacek was finishing like a steam train as he got a shout out from the support crew ( yes Roy it was all your fault!). I realised that if I was going to keep JC behind me I was going to have to make a move for 11th place and gave it my all to pass the Eastleigh guy. We all finished within seconds of each other with myself in 11th and Jacek in 13th.
Full results HERE


Great team effort as well coming second to locals Southampton with a Top 3 finish for Dave and respect to Tag for finishing having gone for a swan dive into a cowpat.

Wasn’t sure how Sunday was going to go as I know these days I really am pretty useless the day after XC but I was pleased with the overall run of 22 miles with some decent effort in the middle. I actually ended up coming second in the race but considering I was trying to do “marathon effort” I was hoping for a little faster than 57:xx even with all the hills. Felt okay early on but it didn’t take long after we started the first climb for my legs to wave a little white flag! The Strava segment for the big hill at mile 6 very kindly pointed out that I didn’t even manage to go as fast up the hill in the race as I do on my solo long training runs… oh well!

Full Results HERE

Early on before the hills!


So all issues aside, a 100 mile week and a better average pace than last week so going in the right direction. I’ve got the Wokingham half this weekend and the plan was to be back in sub 70 shape by then, don’t think that’s going to happen as I’m simply not there yet but I guess it will be a good indicator of how much more improvement I need over the next 10 weeks!

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