VLM 2016 – Training Summary Week 3 (including Wokingham ½)

Mon – AM 9 miles (6:52m/m) PM 6.21 miles (7:19m/m)
Tue – AM 12 miles (6:23m/m) PM 6.21 miles (6:28m/m)
Wed – AM 5 miles (6:43m/m) PM 12.16 miles (incl session 3 x 15min)
Thu – AM 12.5 miles (6:47m/m) PM 6.21 miles (5:54m/m)
Fri – AM 8 miles (6:59m/m) PM 8.5 miles (6:32m/m) incl 12x100m strides
Sat – 6 miles (7:04m/m)
Sun – AM 16.04 miles incl Wokingham ½ (71:18 14th) PM 6 miles (6:57m/m)

Total Mileage – 113.96 miles (6:32m/m)

Progress is progress no matter how small it is :-)
I can definitely tell that my aerobic fitness is improving and this has shown up in some of my easy/steady runs this week where I’ve had some very promising pace/HR ratios (back under 800 beats per mile average on a couple of runs).
This gave me some real optimism going into Wednesday’s BAC session and I set myself some pace targets of around 5:20m/m for the 3 x 15min efforts. Not sure if it was the crap weather (cold/wet/windy) or my unsettled stomach (unscheduled pitstop required after effort 2) but I just couldn’t increase my effort to a decent level and so even though I had a nice low HR I couldn’t get much faster than 5:30m/m pace. (See Garmin link for the gory details)

On Thursday evening I thought I’d make up for the lack of effort on Wednesday by adding a small bit of progressive tempo on my treadmill run. (Didn’t want to leave it any later in the week as I wanted to make sure I didn’t jeopardise my run at Wokingham on Sunday) It went quite well and getting a good sweat on the treadmill made me feel a lot better, did some work at the end at around 18.5kph which is as fast as I’ve been on my home treadmill since getting it a coupled months ago. It was up to the job and handled the speed nicely!


So on to Sunday for the Wokingham ½ , as I said last week – in my original plan I wanted to be back in 70min shape by this point but it was reasonably obvious that I wasn’t quite there yet and when the weather forecast informed me that we were looking at 20mph winds in the second half as a minimum I lowered my time expectations a little further.
I set off with a 5:20 mile and even though this probably wouldn’t be a pace I could hold for the whole race I felt quite strong and my stomach was behaving itself so I thought I’d just see how far I could get seeing as the wind was bound to slow me down in the 2nd half anyway. Was quite surprised that I didn’t slow that much and even though the last 5km was a real chore into the wind I was quite satisfied with a 71:16 finish. Nowhere near where I need to be but I believe the phrase is……”something to work on!”

Start of the race, all smiles with “TT” from the sub 3 forum and club mate Toby!


Full results from Wokingham HERE See Garmin link above or below for stats from the race.

Looking forward to this coming weekend with some fun and games at the Marathon Talk camp, can’t beat a bit of “Sandy Balls” 😉

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  1. Neil says:

    So glad your blogs up to see your words alongside your Strabane. Good luck at the VLM

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