VLM2016 – Training Summary Week 5 (including Wimborne 20)

Mon – AM 12 miles (6:23m/m) PM 6 miles progressive (5:55m/m)
Tue – AM 12.5 miles (6:41m/m) PM 6 miles (6:30m/m)
Wed – AM 5 miles (6:46m/m) PM 15 miles (5:53m/m) incl session 20min/5x3min/20min
Thu – AM 6 miles (6:54m/m) PM 12 miles (6:24m/m)
Fri – AM 12 miles (5:54m/m) incl 2 mile tempo PM 6 miles (6:41m/m)
Sat – AM 6 miles (6:53m/m) PM 6 miles (6:30m/m)
Sun – AM 22.5 miles including Wimborne 20 (1st – 1:53:55) PM 6 miles (6:46m/m)

Total Mileage – 133.4 miles (6:19m/m)

Generally happy with this week in that I hit my mileage target and my average pace for the week was also the fastest so far in the build up. I made a real effort to keep most of my runs at a steady pace as I really do find it helps to bring on my fitness levels.
It is however a fine line between increasing the pace on my “normal” runs and still having the legs for my two key runs on Wednesday and Sunday. I think I got it right for Wednesday where even though there was a strong wind on the prom I just about managed to hit my targets of 5:20m/m for the 20min efforts and 5m/m pace for the 3min efforts. (although the 3min efforts into the headwind were a bit rubbish!)
Sunday however was a different story. I did a small amount of extra speed work on Friday morning where I added in a hard 2 mile effort in the middle of my steady run and I think it may just have been the tipping point which meant that my legs didn’t want to play ball at the Wimborne 20!!

This was the inaugural running of the race and so I was unsure how hilly the 3 lap course was. The course profile didn’t look too bad (and it looks okay on my Garmin link as well!) but the hills were just a little too much for my mileage fatigued legs. The biggest hill was towards the end of the lap and on the 3rd time of asking my legs waved a little white flag. I was reasonably concerned that my teammate Thomo was going to catch me on the final climb but I just about managed to stay ahead taking the win in 1:53:55.

Loving the Bournemouth Joggers support crew! (Thanks John Loader for the photo)

I’d set myself a HR target of 150bpm (5-10bpm below marathon effort) which I maintained but I was expecting to be about 5:30m/m rather than 5:40m/m so a little disappointed…… and I don’t think I can blame it all on the hills 😉

Full results HERE

Bournemouth AC looking good in both the mens and ladies races with a really strong showing, well done all! Special mention has to go to teammate Ant Clarke who came 25th….. having already done the Wimborne 20 once already on his own, hitting the start line with about 5 seconds to spare. Looking good for that 100km mate!

Some of the BAC crew before the race (Thanks Kev Day for the photo)

Big thanks to the Race Director of this new event Steve Wyatt and all the Wimborne AC race support crew, we were in desperate need of new 20 mile race in Dorset so hopefully this new one will go from strength to strength. The race website can be found HERE

So after two 130+ mile weeks I now have a much needed cut-back week. The Bath Half will be a real test on Sunday to see how things are progressing and I’m hoping that with a 90 mile week I might be able to put in a slightly more respectable performance. Assuming the weather plays ball I will be looking for a 68:xx to show me that things have progressed nicely since Wokingham….someone have a word with the wind gods please!!

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2 Responses to VLM2016 – Training Summary Week 5 (including Wimborne 20)

  1. Steve Davies says:

    You do,what appears to me, a lot of short distance fast runs.Would you recommend a similar training pattern for the likes of myself.Currently I do about 50 miles a week at an average pace of about 7 minute a mile on undulating country lanes.I have been running for 7 years.London Marathon time in 2014 was 2 hours 55 minutes.I think I can better that.Still getting PB’s for shorter distances even though many consider me to be past my best at age 57.

  2. Steve says:

    Not sure if agree with you there Steve when you say short and fast.
    If you look at this week, on 6 out of 7 days my main run of the day has been a minimum of 12 miles and it is only my second run each day which is a 6 miler. You also have to remember when you say “fast” it is all relative and these paces are still significantly slower than my marathon pace.
    By the sounds of it you already do quite a bit of your training at close to marathon pace so I would possible suggest adding in some more mileage at a slower pace of your body can handle it.
    Fantastic running though for 57..,,,,keep up the good work!

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