VLM2016 – Training Summary Week 6 (including Bath Half)

Mon – AM 6 miles (7:04m/m) PM 6 miles (6:34m/m)
Tue – AM 8 miles (6:16m/m) PM 6 miles (6:13m/m)
Wed – AM 4 miles (7:00m/m) PM 16.45 miles (5:53m/m) incl session 24min/18/12/6/3
Thu – AM 8 miles (6:47m/m) PM 6 miles (6:30m/m)
Fri – 6 miles (6:39m/m)
Sat – 5 miles (6:08m/m)
Sun – VERY AM 12min jog AM 16.2 miles incl Bath 1/2 (70:01) PM 6 miles (6:18m/m)

Total Mileage – 95.41 miles (6:18m/m)

So the cut-back of mileage this week from 130 to just under a hundred has definitely helped with my fatigue levels to a certain degree but maybe not quite as much as I hoped, if previous campaigns are anything to go by I’ll probably start feeling the benefits of it next week!
In summary, there was not a lot going on this week apart from my two main runs on Wednesday night and the race this morning with all my other runs being a maximum of 8 miles rather than my standard 12.
Both the session on Wednesday and todays race at the Bath Half showed progress on previous weeks but neither of them were quite as impressive as I hoped. For Wednesdays session I was pleased that after starting with 5:21m/m pace for the first long 24min effort I was able to gradually speed up as the efforts got shorter but I was a little disappointed that I still had no real speed at the top end and my fatigue kicked in during the 2nd half of the session.(See Garmin link above for details)
Today’s race was very similar with a promising start where I managed to get my HR into my threshold zone but then by the time the second half came I wasn’t able to sustain the correct heart rate and my pace dropped a little. (See link above or below for details)


What was really frustrating was realising a little too late that I was going to just miss sub 70 and not having the legs to sprint for the line…… the result was a 70:01 chip time……DOH!!!

Full results for the race can be found HERE ,a small consolation being I managed first Vet this week!

Special thanks to Holly Rush for putting me up for the night on Saturday and supporting on the course this morning, I apologise for being a minute slower than I promised :-)

So in general I guess i should be pleased that things are still going in the right direction with definite progress since Wokingham, I just wish it would come a little faster.
In order to try and give my body what it wants and a little extra training stimulus I’m going to give it exactly what it has responded well to in the past, the standard marathon training run – a steady 40 miler 😉
And what better way to do it than to grab myself a late entry to the historic Barry 40 Track Ultra
Thanks Mick McGeoch for the late entry, looking forward to 161 laps of fun!

The all-time results of the Barry 40 can be found HERE and make for some great reading with some big names in Ultra running all over the the “charts”.
My plan for Sunday will be to go out at 6:00m/m pace and see how long I last. Best case scenario I will dip under 4hrs and nick the World Age best for V40 which is 3:59:24 (held since 1989). Worst case scenario I’ll be in a world of pain from about 30 miles and who knows what time I’ll end up with. Check out next weeks blog to find out!

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2 Responses to VLM2016 – Training Summary Week 6 (including Bath Half)

  1. Maureen Lucas says:

    Wish I’d known you were running in Bath yesterday Steve. Would have given you a shout out as you lapped me – you were clearly going much too fast for me to spot you! #DBS. Thanks as always for the inspiration.

  2. Colin Simpson says:

    Great to see the weekly blog again Steve.
    Have a good run at the Barry 40.

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