VLM2016 – Training Summary Week 8 (including Back to Back long runs)

Mon – 6 miles (7:00m/m)
Tue – AM 10 miles (6:18m/m) PM 6 miles (6:04m/m)
Wed – AM 6 miles (6:48m/m) PM 18.25 miles (5:47m/m) incl sash 25min/5x4min/25min
Thu – AM 6 miles (6:17m/m) PM 10 miles (6:08m/m)
Fri – 5 miles (6:47m/m)
Sat – AM Treadmill 20 miles (6:03m/m) PM Treadmill 6.2 miles (5:56m/m)
Sun – AM 26.22 miles (6:47m/m) PM 4.17 miles (7:09m/m)

Total Mileage – 124 miles (6:21m/m)

Not the easiest of weeks, anyone would think I did something strenuous last Sunday 😉

A couple of really easy days this week on Monday and Thursday but most of the focus was on Wednesday night’s session and the weekend’s long running.
The weather for the BAC marathon session on the prom was okay but there was a noticeable westerly wind which slowed down the efforts a little. Excuses aside (did I mention I ran 40 miles last Sunday in under 4hrs 😉 ) I was reasonably happy with the pace with the 25min efforts averaging 5:20m/m and the 4min efforts at 5:07m/m. Slower than I have previously done this session at this stage in a marathon build up but again going in the right direction compared to previous weeks. See Garmin link above for full details.
A small amount of “excitement” was had during the last 4min interval when I got chased by a dog who was attempting to bite my arm, not pleasant and the owner did a runner before I could make them aware of my “disapproval”.
A tenuous link to a picture of me and Obi our Ridgeback puppy, anyone would think I didn’t do anything exciting this week and I was struggling to come up with a relevant photo 😉

FullSizeRender 3

The plan for the weekend was to do a decent double long run effort but unfortunately fatigue levels meant I had to dial back my plans a little. Due to the shocking weather I decided I’d mix things up a bit by doing Saturday’s run on the treadmill. What originally was planned as a full distance marathon in the morning ended up being split into two with a 20 miler and then a 10km in the evening all at around 6m/m pace.

Again on Sunday I had to adjust things a bit as it became obvious very early into my run that my body wasn’t up for doing a hilly 30+ mile run and so I compromised with a hilly marathon instead. The hills and the wind were a real struggle to be honest and I even had to take my “emergency gel” at 22 miles to get me through but I ground it out and then did a short recovery jog in the evening. Thanks also to Sharkey and Matt for some most welcome company on most of the run.

So the weekend didn’t go exactly to plan but I’m still generally happy with the week’s effort when taking into account Wednesday’s session and my general pace for the steady runs.
Following the previous pattern of two high mileage weeks and then a cutback week I will now ease off this coming week ahead of the Reading Half on Sunday (around 90 miles again like Bath). Time to find out if my recent ultra antics have improved my speed!

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6 Responses to VLM2016 – Training Summary Week 8 (including Back to Back long runs)

  1. Colin Simpson says:

    Good work Steve.
    I’ve also got a few PBs when chased by dogs along the promenade!
    Hope you smash it at Reading half.

  2. Steve Henshall says:

    Hey Steve, best of luck in the run up to VLM2016! Just a little question – you refer to an “emergency” gel – do you avoid using gels in training? Many thanks,

    • Steve says:

      Yes. Anything under about 35 miles in training I try not to take on any nutrition , just water if the weather is hot and just air if it’s cold 😉

  3. Sophie Beal says:

    Well done, Steve. Glad to see your blog back. Missed the obsessive detail and analysis. Are you as aerodynamic with the beard? All the very best for week 9!

  4. Robin says:

    Hi Steve

    Random -Q.
    : I’ve had to pull out of Brighton Marathon because of bronchitis -not life threatening but enough for me not to risk it. I was aiming for sneaking a sub 3 on 60m/wk.

    As a back up, I’ve entered MK marathon in beginning of May.

    Health permitting, what should i focus on in next 2 weeks – should i redo the last 2 weeks of schedule with a few marathon-pace sessions to ‘test the water’ again?

    Just wondered if you had any thoughts..I know it’s a broad question..!

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