VLM2016 – Training Summary Week 9 including INJURY!!

Mon – 5 miles (6:57m/m)
Tue – AM 8 miles (5:48m/m) PM 6 miles progressive (5:44m/m)
Wed – AM 4 miles (6:45m/m) PM 7.29 miles (5:50m/m) including aborted session
Thu – REST
Fri – 6 miles (6:00m/m)
Sat – 6 miles (6:25m/m)
Sun – VERY AM 1.69 miles (7:07m/m) AM 2.42 miles (5:16m/m) Reading Half DNF

Total Mileage – 48.46 miles (6:11m/m)

So one minute I’m celebrating a world age best over 40 miles on the track feeling on top of the world and the next I’m doing the “walk of shame” back to the finish line of the Reading Half having to walk past 10000 runners coming the other way as I’ve just DNF’ed……..


The highs and lows of an endurance runner, don’t you just love it!

The week started fine and after an easy day on Monday to get over the back to back long runs at the weekend I was feeling great on Tuesday with my planned steady runs coming out a lot faster than expected.
It all started to go a bit wrong though on Wednesday evening’s BAC marathon session as during the first 24min effort the bottom of my left hamstring right behind the knee started to tighten up quickly and actually started to affect my knee lift. Within a couple of miles I could tell that it was only going to get worse and so aborted the session at the end of the 24min effort and jogged back to the car.
I took a full rest day on Thursday and also went to see Tim the physio for some ultrasound and massage on it and so by the time I came round to testing it on Friday it felt much better.
Thought I’d just do another small run on Saturday and then hopefully if it held up okay I would have the added bonus of racing the Reading Half on fresh legs due to the enforced taper.
Unfortunately this wasn’t to be and I could tell a couple of miles into the race that things still were not quite right as my stride had already started to be impacted and the bottom of the hamstring was tightening up again fast! The best case scenario from there would be that I would be able to struggle round to a disappointing time, worse case scenario would be ending up doing serious damage to the hamstring so I decided to stop immediately before it had a chance to really ruin all my plans!

The good news is that today I’ve been able to comfortably do a run at 7:00m/m pace without causing any pain or tightness so for the moment I’m just going to stick to easy running. Will see how it feels on Wednesday and then make a decision about whether to do the final big marathon session or not, may have to do it as a progressive run to ease the hamstring into it!

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4 Responses to VLM2016 – Training Summary Week 9 including INJURY!!

  1. Daz says:

    Don’t you just hate injuries! I have been out the last 8 weeks and will miss London.

    I always think to myself, if it wasn’t for niggles/injuries how much could I progress!

  2. The worst thing about running is the injuries, sucks to hear that you have problem. Fingers crossed it’s just a wee muscle tear that will heal up with a bit more easy running.

    On the hamstring injury front, I’ve had a few issues over the last six months with an intermittent hamstring soreness, found an interesting post by Steve Gangemi (http://sock-doc.com) that suggested that most hamstring injuries are actually problems in the calf or glutes that are felt in the hamstring.


    For me it seems when my upper calf is tight/knotted I feel it more in my hamstrings that in my calf.

    Best of luck with recovery.

  3. Mark Press says:

    That shit in the cartoon is too good to be shit. It looks like Nutella.
    Good luck with recovery.

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