VLM2016 – Taper Week and Post Race Week (including MK Half)

Mon – REST
Tue – 6 miles (5:41m/m)
Wed – 7 miles (5:23m/m) with 2 miles flat out (4:57m/m)
Thu – 6 miles (5:44m/m)
Fri – 5 miles (5:23m/m)
Sat – 3 miles (5:39m/m)
Sun – VERY AM 1.8 miles (6:39m/m) AM VLM2016 (29th – 2:20:50 – 5:22m/m)

Total Mileage – 55.24 miles (5:29m/m)

Mon – REST
Tue – 6 miles (6:41m/m)
Wed – AM 8.28 miles (7:36m/m) PM 6 miles progressive (5:47m/m)
Thu – 10 miles (5:59m/m)
Fri – 10 miles (5:29m/m) incl 24min Farlek PM 6 miles (6:05m/m)
Sat – 8 miles (6:08m/m)
Sun – 6 miles (6:21m/m)

Total Mileage – 60.34 miles (6:14m/m)

Sorry for the delayed blog, busy Bank Holiday weekend!

2 week training summary for the days surrounding the London Marathon. The taper week is now pretty much the same for all my marathons and consists of lots of short but fast runs. The Tuesday – Thursday runs were all done during my carb depletion phase and then the Friday and Saturday ones were carb fuelled. The difference between Thursday and Fridays run in terms of effort required and speed returned was absolutely massive. Similar every time I do the deplete/load phase but it always amazes me!!

The recovery week went really well and I’ve been very happy with how my legs have got over London. They were a little tender on Monday but quite happy by the time I did my first easy run on Tuesday. By Friday I was happy enough the legs were in shape for a small bit of speed work and so did a 24min fartlek session where I alternated every 3min between 5k and threshold pace. Pretty pleased with how both the legs felt and the pace I hit (see Garmin link above for full details).

The rest of the weekend was just a couple of easy short runs as I’d got a late entry into the Milton Keynes half marathon on BH Monday as we were in the area camping!

I thought the MK Half marathon would be a good “sharpener” to take me through into the Wings for Life race and it went really well. I must thank the organisers for allowing me a late entry (Thanks Andy and Sarah!) and for putting on such a great race. Great local support and some great marshals gave the race a really good buzz.

My plan was to go off at course record pace (high 68) and see if the legs had forgotten about last weeks exploits at London!

Leading out MK Half

Things went really well for the first 7-8 miles and I was still on course for a low 68min run but then we hit the twists, turns and wind in the last 4-5 miles and I struggled to maintain pace not helped by the fact that I was running solo.
With a great stadium finish though, I was still happy to dip under 70min (first one this year apart from my London split!) and take the win in 69:50.

(Thanks Kassia Gardner for the great photo!)
Winning MK Half

Full race results can be found HERE

With now only 5 days until the Redbull World Run I’m not going to follow my standard deplete/load routine for a couple of reasons. I don’t think my body will appreciate going through the process so soon after London and my schedule is also different this time due to racing the half on the Monday. I will therefore just be tapering again over the next 5 days with some short runs and increasing my carb intake a little on Saturday.

Really looking forward to Sunday now before having a couple of easy weeks to ensure I don’t have another “burn out” like last year!
Speaking of burning……take a look at the weather forecast for the race on Sunday in Cambridge -SCORCHIO!!! (23 Degrees)

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