Purbeck Marathon

Seeing as it was my first ever marathon win I thought it deserved it’s own race report!

The Purbeck marathon is not the sort of race I tend to go for to be honest as I’m normally a “fast tarmac” kind of a guy but I thought this would be a perfect training run in the build up to my 50k as it would get the HR up without having to run super fast due to the terrain and hills.
Turned out to be a great decision not only for the trainng effect but also due to it being so much fun! The miles flew by very quickly as I was too busy negotiating the tough terrain around the Jurrasic coast, politely asking some cows to move off the race path, opening and closing gates, jumping over stiles, crossing railway tracks and tackling those Purbeck “mountains” :-)
The marshals and lead bike (on the road sections) we’re all great and although Jacek and I had a brief moment in the first mile when we almost followed the lead bike up the road when we were meant to be taking the coastal path I managed to not get lost! There were a few times when I got a little worried if I was still going in the right direction as I was all on my own but that all added to the adventure and it was never too long before I came across a marshal or mile marker with a huge sigh of relief!
The hills in the last 10k started to take their toll on the legs but was pleased to still have enough in them at the end to hit marathon PB pace.
I underestimated the effect the course was going to have on my time as I was expecting to come in around 10 min faster but the HR average was exactly what I wanted in terms of effort (151bpm compared to 165-167bpm average expected in flat out 100% effort) and with my 2 miles warm up made over 28 miles for my longest run in the build up to the 50k
Must say a huge thanks to everyone involved in the Purbeck Marathon as it was a great success especially considering it was their inaugural race.
Garmin stats below showing all those hills 😉

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7 Responses to Purbeck Marathon

  1. Paul Goddard says:

    Well done, fantastic win.
    Route looks amazing Wish I could have been there with my fellow Purbeck Runners but had other commitments unfortunately.

  2. AM says:

    Really well done Steve. A tough course and an awesome time! Inspirational…

  3. Ruairi says:

    Well done on the win.

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