Seville 2014 Training

Here’s the plan (Click on it to make it bigger)


and here’s what I actually did!

DateMileageNo of RunsKey SessionsMost efficient runSunday RHRSunday weight
Progressive Tempo
860bpm39bpm11st 10
858bpm37bpm11st 9
Track 400s
Popham XC
827bpm37bpm11st 7
Xmas 10km
837bpm37bpm11st 7
parkrun x2
845bpm38bpm11st 7
815bpm37bpm11st 6
817bpm36bpm11st 6
05/01/201418.632MAN FLU843bpm43bpm???
12/01/2014135.0414MP Session1
Kings Park XC
836bpm36bpm11st 6
19/01/2014142.5914MP Sesh 2
LSR + Efforts
797bpm35bpm11st 4
26/01/201490.138Marathon Sesh 3
Track Marathon
787bpm37bpm11st 4
02/02/2014126.4313Blackmore Vale 1/2
Mara Sesh 4
780bpm34bpm11st 2

7 Responses to Seville 2014 Training

  1. Roger Thomasson says:

    I ran my first Ultra on Saturday, you passed me when I’d done 17 and you were probably on 27 miles. Not only was your overall time amazing but you acknowledged us mere mortals on your warm down lap coming the other way. Good luck in your future races, Roger Thomasson, Fareham Crusaders.

    • Steve says:

      Congrats on getting through your first Ultra Roger…. No turning back now! Good
      Uk with your training and future races too.

  2. Hi Steve,

    We would like to run some positive editorial on you. Can we publish your before and after images?


    Gareth Richman
    Digital Picture Editor
    Evening Standard

  3. Keith Scofield says:

    Steve, Any chance you could update this with your weekly training plans up until London?

    Ps bet your website views have spiked recently :)

  4. Simon James says:

    Hi Steve,

    Long time listener, first time caller!

    Wondered if you could give me a little advice. I’ve got the Venice Marathon in two and a bit weeks and am in a conundrum as to whether to follow my training plan (Daniels) for this weekend’s long run. It says to do 19 miles total including 15 miles at Marathon pace. With 15 days to go to the marathon (my first!) would this perhaps do more damage than good?

    I’ve been in the region of 50 + miles per week for the last 14 weeks, and have been doing long runs in the region 18-20 miles (often including some tempo, or marathon pace) for the past 8 weeks, peaking with two runs of 22.

    Many thanks, and also thanks for the inspiration!


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