Glasgow CWG 2014

Here’s the plan (Click on it to make it bigger)


and here’s what I actually did!

DateMileageNo of RunsKey SessionsMost efficient runSunday RHRSunday weight
25/05/2014110.0613Mile Reps
Track 1ks
768bpm 38bpm10st 11
01/06/2014100.6611Tempo Sandwitch
Track 300s
740bpm39bpm10st 12
08/06/2014111.0712Progressive 10
BAL 5000m
768bpm38bpm10st 11
15/06/2014123.34148 x 3min
5 mile tempo
Littledown Marathon
732bpm36bpm10st 10
22/06/2014131.0014Mara Sesh 1
Hackney Half
739bpm35bpm10st 10
29/06/2014132.3214Mara Sesh 2
Torbay Half
728bpm35bpm10st 9
06/07/2014143.1112Mara Sesh 3
Purbeck 35
715bpm35bpm10st 9
13/07/2014122.4413Mara Sesh 4
New Forest 10
728bpm34bpm10st 8
10km tempo

5 Responses to Glasgow CWG 2014

  1. Congrats on breaking your personal best in the Commonwealth games. Heck of an achievement, especially from your starting point a few years ago. An inspiration to everyone.

    Andy Beveridge

  2. Iain Dalling says:

    Great to see you up here in Scotland.

    Inspirational and character of The Games.


  3. steve vye says:

    Hey Steve!!
    Fantastic job on Sunday. Really nice to see you on the round up on the telly Sunday night, giving a fantastic interview! Nice one!

  4. Mark Halle says:

    Steve, what an inspiration!

    Having recently returned to a bit of a jog on the roads I’d be interested to know at what heart zone you would run your steady runs at please as I find the info a bit confusing.

    Do you have any plans for longer ultras?

    Good luck,

  5. Emerson says:

    Hi Steve,

    Been following and supporting you for a year or so now and what you’ve achieved is awesome and life changing, many congratulations for what you’ve achieved to date (and no doubt for what you will do in the future).

    I’ve been running marathons/ultras or 10 years or so now but have missed the past 2 months through illness. Feeling very fat and unfit but Day 1 of training starts again today – up at 5am , beautiful blue sky and sunshine on a quiet Sunday morning. Time to hit Highgate Woods and Hampstead Heath for a run/walk !

    Keep the dream alive Steve, what you’ve done to date is inspirational.


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