VLM2013 Training

Here’s the plan (Click on it to make it bigger)

and here’s what I actually did!

DateMileageNo of RunsKey SessionsMost efficient runSunday RHRSunday weight
13/01/20139011Club Intervals
8 x 800 (Track)
Hampshire XC (KP)
885bpm 39bpm11st 10
865bpm38bpm11st 9
Track (400s)
864bpm38bpm11st 7
03/02/2013113.0812Club Intervals
Blackmore Vale 1/2
805bpm34bpm11st 6
8 x 800m
Hampshire XC
819bpm35bpm11st 4
Lytchett 10
803bpm34bpm11st 2
794bpm33bpm11st 1
Bath Half
781bpm34bpm10st 13
10/03/2013140.3314Marathon Sesh 1
Mad March
769bpm34bpm10st 12
17/03/2013140.5914Marathon Sesh 2
Finchley 20
762bpm33bpm10st 10
24/03/201389.429Marathon Sesh 3
Littledown Marathon
773bpm33bpm10st 9
31/03/2013140.0513Marathon Sesh 4772bpm34bpm10st 9
07/04/2013104.0010Marathon Sesh 5
Bournemouth Bay 1/2
774bpm32bpm10st 8
772bpm32bpm10st 7

7 Responses to VLM2013 Training

  1. L Chalk says:

    Most impressive plan and execution…I joined you at Mad March, jogged 1.58 and recent half marathon at Reading suggests I can go faster than I had planned for at VLM. Target is 75mins and 75mins for a 2.30…keen to learn what one secret you would tell other runners looking to take their marathon time down to 2.25 – 2.28??? I would look to develop my training for the next marathon push…cheers!

    • Steve says:

      Cheers Lewis, looks like you are in good form – nice run at Reading!! No “one secret” I’m afraid, if I manage another improvement this year it will have come from just putting together another consistent marathon training cycle on top of the 5 years of hard work I have already put in. Since Sep 2007 since I started training I have clocked up over 21,000 miles of quality structured training and that is what I have to thank for the times I’m achieving. The other thing I would say really helps is being disciplined with your nutrition and lifestyle during the key build up phases to your marathons. The life of a serious marathon runner is a pretty boring one with healthy eating and early nights……. which is why I normally “let myself go” for a week or two after the big day and allow myself all those vices which I normally stay away from these days!
      Good luck at VLM mate – will keep an eye on your results.

  2. Colin Simpson says:

    Hope the race goes well for you on Sunday Steve.
    Always enjoy reading your blogs and updates and great to see you running at the local events (Parkrun Poole, Bournemouth half etc.)
    It inspires me to improve my own running by seeing your effort and subsequent results.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. Chris Catt says:

    hi Steve

    Congratulations on a great run at Glasgow! Amazing story! I am also a keen marathon runner and have been since I was 22 only clocked up 9 marathons which has taken me all over the world and gradually chipping at the time toget to the 3:01:50 at brighton this year (ran out of puff in the last 4! And saw the sub 3 pace group slowly disappear in front of my very eyes! Never mind ill crack it next time. Any way I noticed that you run 6 miles in the morning then train in the evening, I’ve started running to work and run back which is 6 miles in total, (aim is to get to the running club on tuesday and thursday nights for the speed work) just wondering if you do this every day (run in the morning) of your marathon training plan? And what type of session it is?

    Chris Catt

  4. Paulo says:

    Hi Steve, how’s it going! How often should I run to improve steadily/ fast. I run a 45-50mins for 10k at 15 years of age. Any tips on improving my running, as it doesn’t always go so smoothly as planed and any health tips as well!

  5. Paulo says:

    Keep it up Steve! Your one of my favourite runners along with Andrew Lemoncello and Haile Gabreselassie!

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